Saturday, September 15, 2007

My CoLouRs oF FrIenDshiP

i closed my eyes, and fall into my world
it was dark, blank, and emptiness to hold
i was alone, and curiosity unfold
where are the ones, who warmth my cold?

i wandered here and there, filled with fear
the feelings were hard and heavy to bear
i asked again, my eyes full with tears
where are the ones, who makes all things clear?

and then i saw,figures standing with glow
i ran to it, no where else to go
there were colours, vividly flow
and all of them, my soul already know

white is pure, honest and sincere,
green gives me life, hope and desire,
blue like the sky, peace and serenity it wears
red shows passion, brave and loving as fire

purple creates wisdom,royally determination to follow
orange is strength, and shines for tomorrow
always makes me smile and warm, it is yellow
there were all here, to swept my sorrow

each is unique, special, one of its kind
they were here all the time, for me to find
reaching my hand, with only one sign
they are colours of friends,lived in my mind

i opened my eyes, at the sky i leer
no more darkness, but colours that shear
i smiled, and knew my colours is here
in my heart, so close n near

F - for all of you my dear friends
R - remember our relation till the end
I - is this what we called a true friend?
E - every time, you are there, smiling, and ready to share...
N - never hurt me...
D - do love me!!
S - share our joys and share the sorrows
H - hoping our friendship will never meets end
I - i am your friend, forever friends
P- please never leave and never forget.....



  1. your poem is true from your heart isn't? i like it..but i think the colour of the fonts not suitable and disturb my concentration to read your poem...hope you change the colour....

  2. too short...i love if you can add more lovely phrase...

  3. hehehe...macam kenal poem ni...:)