Tuesday, April 8, 2008

SaTu haRi..Di kala borink!

To u my love....(jiwang la plak...who is my love???dunno..Hikhik)

When i DoNT See u, i Hate u

When i See u, i m iN LoVe wiTh u

When i m buSy, i reMemBer u
When i m Free, i m miSsing u

My heart WONT COME BACK to me after i left it with u

Is it BecauSe it hAtes me
Or is it BecauSe it haPpy Being wiTh u
Its ok if it HaTes mE
As long as u LOVE ME!

When i Said u aRe My heRo, i Mean iT!
HopiNg tHat u will be my PriNce
EVen its only in a Dream

MisSing sWeeT Words fRom u

Wishing happiness For u
(to love someone isnt as easy as u think....)

waiting foR my Love


  1. adakah saya your love? ahaks~~

  2. jiwaglah hanis,
    ha ha
    aku amik masuk blog aku poem ni bleh x?

  3. haha..jiwangla gak kengkadang:P
    who is my love erk..ekeke
    on d way lagi lah...(^_^)

  4. terharunye dgn poem nih...huhuhu

  5. ceh..cmne ley trharu ni...hihi